My Awkward High School Life

Ok so I don’t  know if my life could EVER be insterting… but one way or anther I’m going to spill… Everything! Ok so I’m going to start now, ok so today is normal i have no idea may i of course I can… I’m going to start from the very beginning, which my life certainly begins in sixth grade with friends one crush and me a liar, cheater, and scolded little girl. I just came from a school with people who thought of me as a stupid, over acted, and all I was talented at was at making teachers absolutely hate me. I have been in the same “good, holy, and Christian, Private School” for 10 years of my life… and it has been bothering me because I have been bullied, lied to, and got into solo much drama so sixth grade would to me at the time my “redemption” to my life, but mistakingly it was just the beginning of me learning to grow up. I still can’t understand the way life works. I want it to be truly easy with no rough marks and no lying. Stupid Adam and Eve why couldn’t you have just listened to God and not eat the fruit from that Stupid tree life’s a bitch  and no one could change that especially since we are the sin. but wondering did the humans sin affect animals I mean after we left they became barbaric I think I mean look at them they eat each other! God would never invent something that would kill each other would he? Well anyway it was nice meeting you internet… Chaò! 🙂